What is 20BY25?

Overall Goal – Ensure that the people of Hawaiʻi
receive the highest quality of cancer care

Clinical Trials Facts

  1. Clinical trials provide the highest level of quality of care for patients with cancer1
  2. The mortality rate from cancer is falling, in large part due to cancer research that has, through clinical trials, led to new and better methods of cancer prevention, detection and treatment.
  3. Children with cancer are enrolled onto clinical trials at a rate of 70-75% across the US. A clinical trial is the standard of care.
  4. Only 2-3% of adults with cancer in the US enroll onto clinical trials.

Why do clinical trials provide the highest quality of care for cancer patients?

  1. Closer supervision and monitoring than standard care
  2. Patients always receive equal to or better than the standard of care
  3. Access to novel drugs, or new drug combinations, that may improve the response to treatment, increase the chance of cure, and prolong survival

Today’s “standard” treatment was a clinical trial 5-10 years ago

Today’s clinical trial will be standard care 5-10 years from now

Initiative focused on:

  1. Community education about cancer clinical trials
  2. Engagement and training of oncology providers
  3. Encouraging enrollment to cancer clinical trials

Long Term Goal

20% of all Hawaiʻi cancer cases each year enrolled to cancer clinical trials by 2025.

  1. There are ~6500 new cancer cases each year in Hawaiʻi
  2. The goal is to enroll 1300 patients per year onto a cancer clinical trial
  3. At least 1/2 of these enrollments should be to treatment-based trials. Others may be to cancer prevention, supportive care, diagnostic and cancer healthcare delivery trials.

Hawaiʻi will be the ONLY state in the US to achieve this high proportion of enrollment to clinical trials statewide.

The University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center, which already provides a clinical trial infrastructure for over 2/3 of cancer patients in the State, is uniquely positioned to lead this initiative.

Key Activities of the Initiative:

  1. Educate the public about the value of cancer clinical trials
  2. Establish a training and certification program for providers (physicians, nurses), clinical research staff and lay advocates/educators
  3. Augment the clinical trials infrastructure to facilitate community-based clinical trials participation and enrollment on Oahu
  4. Establish partners on neighbor islands to extend access to clinical trials
  5. Coordinate cancer clinical trials across various healthcare systems in Hawaiʻi



Sponsorship Levels:

Corporate, Healthcare and Foundation Sponsorships

Individual Sponsorships


1National Comprehensive Cancer Network; American Cancer Society; National Cancer Institute