The Shepherd Research Lab (SRL) conducts biomedical imaging research to better detect and monitor metabolic diseases and cancer risk.

Our work includes a number of active human studies and technology development projects. We are (1) developing methods for predicting breast cancer risk from breast density and tissue thickness; (2) predicting metabolic health status and disease risk using 3D Optical, X-ray, and magnetic resonance imaging; and (3) describing frailty and functional ability using advanced body composition analysis and strength assessments.

Body Composition Lab
The Body Composition Lab (BCL) is a part of the Shepherd Research Lab at the University of Hawaiʻi Cancer Center. The BCL offers state-of-the art body composition services that are easily accessible to researchers and the community of Hawaiʻi. We welcome collaborations with researchers from a variety of organizations to address and improve the understanding of metabolic diseases, obesity, and its relation to cancer. Body composition services are also offered to members of the community for self-assessment and to track dietary and physical progress.